The application process is one key task toward achieving PgMP or PfMP certification credentials. The application lifecycle has different stages and I have seen aspiring professionals are confused and many a time wrongly interpret these status or response messages from PMI which delays the certification process. Let us try to better understand the different “Status” messages of your PgMP or PfMP certification application.

“Submitted” Status: Your application is submitted successfully to PMI and now undergoing the 1st review process. Please remember this is not the panel review but an application review or audit review. This process may take up to 30 business days to get completed. During this process, all other elements of your application will be reviewed other than the experience summary responses for the five Program or Portfolio Management domains.

"Eligible To Pay" status means your application has been accepted and the application review process has been completed successfully. This does not mean your Panel Review process has been cleared. The "Panel Review" process will only start once you submit payment for your exam.

“Panel Review” status: Once you submit the payment then your first evaluation stage will begin, and your application will undergo the "Panel Review" process. During this evaluation, a group of subject matter experts is reviewing the responses you provided to the Experience Summaries of the five Program or Portfolio management domain on the application.  No other part of your PgMP or PfMP application is being assessed at this point in time. This process may take up to 60 days to be completed. Once you pass the Panel review, you will move to the second evaluation—the credential examination.

If your application gets rejected in this Panel Review stage, then you will be getting only one opportunity to amend the application as per the panel review feedback. Remember, you can’t update the Program or Portfolio background or goals section, you can only update the experience summary responses of your application. You will get the following message from PMI once you amend and re-submit your application.

“Please remember that your original application will not reflect your new responses. You will not have access to your amended statements after submission; however, they are captured in our system. Currently, your application is in panel review please allow days for an update.”

Below are some of the common reasons why your PgMP (Program Management Professional) application gets rejected by the Panel Review committee:

1) Responses did not provide specific examples demonstrating the candidate's role as a program manager.

2) Responses reflected the candidate's role as a project manager overseeing multiple work streams within one project or multiple related projects.

3) Responses did not thoroughly explain HOW (the method or approach used) they performed the program management functions in one or more of the experience summary questions.

4) Responses were tactical in nature and/or limited to the "textbook" explanation of topics.

Because your application didn't address the following concept clearly that's the reasons why your PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional) application gets rejected by the Panel Review committee:

1) How you have operationalized portfolio management concepts?

2) How the concepts were applied?

3) Why these concepts were implemented?

4) The results (if applicable)

No need to worry if your application gets rejected with these given observations. Please ensure you take care of the above points while you writing or amending your experience summary responses. Trust PMI or Panel Review team has no intention to reject your application but they want to ensure only experienced Program Manager or Portfolio Managers hold the certification credentials.

“Eligible to Schedule Exam” status: If you see this status on the PMI portal then congratulation to you, start celebrating now because you have cleared the 1st evaluation stage of your PgMP or PfMP certification process.

Important Note: You might not receive an email from #PMI on the status update toward your recently submitted #PgMP & #PfMP application. Please ensure that you visit the PMI web portal after 5 to 7 working days for status on your recently submitted application.

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All the best for your PgMP and PfMP certification goals.


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